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Step 2 - The first session


If, after the initial consultation, you have decided to proceed, the next step is to begin sessions.


What to expect will have been explained to you, your questions answered, and there will be more questions from me, and you will have your own, too, as we proceed, and that's to be expected.


Sessions are structured to meet your needs and timeframes.  Take things at the pace you want to go. 


Whether it is several times a week, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, it is up to you to decide.  I will give my recommendation, but how you proceed is your decision. 


Whatever time frame you choose,  I will structure the most beneficial listening approach to any and all recordings I give to you; this will allow you to become familiar with your new learnings gained as you go through the therapeutic process.


So whether it is therapy, counselling, mentoring or just a confidential sounding board for worries or ideas to be discussed, I will be pleased to help.  


Usually, an MP3 recording of any hypnotherapy session is sent to you by email attachment for your listening in-between times we meet; this is recorded after our session discussions and sent to you within three working days. 


Our meetings and goals will be structured, so giving a little time to think and structure recordings is time well spent and often leads to quicker results and, by definition, financial savings too. 


If we do hypnotherapy sessions, each one will be different, and each will be interlinked, maximizing their benefits. However, any consulting/counselling work is not recorded.

The number of sessions needed depends upon what you are presenting, the time you have lived with the problem(s), and several other considerations.

However, for example, smoking is usually two sessions after the initial consultation.

For IBS, it can be 3-6 sessions depending on symptoms and frequency of presentation.

This site has a list of conditions/issues I have worked with. However, it is not exhaustive, so please ask if you are in doubt.

At each appointment, you benefit from all my 37+ years of experience. 

I am an internationally recognised therapist with research, patient piloting, and trial experience in the IBS field. I have an innovation and research award for my work in this area. And the proud winner of two other awards for my programs.


I am the author of several self-help audio programs distributed by Healthy Audio Hypnosis Limited, a company that operates highly professionally.


Based in North Yorkshire, England - working worldwide!


One to One sessions are  available. Locally and Internationally, 

using Zoom or WhatsApp



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