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When you are uncertain, hurting, feeling lost, have an ongoing problem, worry or concern and you need guidance, a confidential ear, professional and caring support with a lifetime of experience, you have come to the right place. 




There are few hypnotherapists who have been in practice longer than I. For 25 years of my 34 years in practice, I was medical centre based working alongside the medical profession who were aware of, and trusted my work in IBS rescue - a term used by several of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome clients after using my services when everything else had been tried.


For over 34 years I have been in practice providing services to individuals, patients and organisational employees. 

After getting married to Cathryn in September 2017, we moved away from Warrington, Cheshire and are looking to open the practice in North Yorkshire.


However, do not Fear!!   I am available for WhatsApp sessions, which are more convenient for many clients. Click here for more information




An alternative to, one to one sessions, are my specifically developed audio programs which cover, IBS in Adults, IBS in Children, Anxiety, Stress, Confidence, OA, Breast Cancer Recovery, Insomnia and many others. These are available from my distribution site Healthy Audio Hypnosis.



Research & Innovation


I should mention that I am also a researcher, creating innovative health solutions to help with a wide range of conditions of mind and body. This facet of my practice resulted in receiving multiple innovations and research awards in my work with IBS and also breast cancer emotional recovery. 


My work was recognised in 2011 when I was invited to and attended the Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.   

I have research and patient piloting experience also.


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Whether your problem is in mind, body or emotion this is the place to be!



Streamed Programs

Streamed home use audio programs are currently available from my Distribution Site:

Healthy Audio Hypnosis



Whether you are an individual looking for coaching or specialist learning, or a hypnotherapist looking for quality masterclasses, this is the place to go!



Based in North Yorkshire - working worldwide!

After working in Warrington, Cheshire for 31 years. I have settled in North Yorkshire.

Stokesley, Guisborough, Teesside. Warrington clients still very welcome!


One to One sessions are  available. Locally and Internationally, 

using WhatsApp



Downloads and streaming services available 24/7



Chronic Stress and the immune system read blog


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