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Until 2018, my practice was based in a GP medical centre. I worked closely with primary and secondary health professionals, providing hypnotherapy services to people in Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire and beyond. For 25 years, I was based in a medical centre.


I married Cathryn in 2017, and the call of the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire whispered our names.  We often travelled nationally and internationally for two years, taking a well-deserved time out. 


I work with clients and provide mentoring services to other hypnotherapists.  

You benefit from over 37+ years of practice experience when using my services. I also held an IBS Clinic for sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome at my practice.  IBS patients are also referred to my highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100


Few therapists in the UK have my years of experience in hypnotherapy, and fewer have my IBS research and understanding of the IBS condition.



I am a multiple innovation and research award-winning hypnotherapist with research and patient piloting experience.


My work in developing innovative health solutions was recognised in 2011 when I was invited to the Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.


I have HR/Occupational Health experience providing counselling and therapeutic intervention services to medical professionals, the teaching profession, and local authorities.




Hypnotherapy is a proven treatment method for a wide range of conditions of mind, body and emotion, as wide and diverse as we are individuals.


I am an acknowledged leader in the field of IBS hypnosis, having worked with IBS sufferers since 1991.  Since 1986, I have been helping people with a wide range of conditions of both mind and body.

There is no mystery to hypnosis; there are no swinging watches or piercing eyes. Fortunately, the old music hall performers who originally conjured up that image are fading into history.

Now we are in a situation where modern medical science acknowledges the existence of hypnosis and its therapeutic uses.  An important sign of the times is that hypnotherapy is classified as a psychological intervention in the 2008 NICE guidelines for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

For my part, I have continuously built upon my work and experience and have built a reputation over more than 37 years for providing genuine caring services to my clients and patients.

Since 1986 I have been dedicated to helping those in need. No matter how it sounds when spoken, any problem affecting an individual's life is important.  


Anything which negatively affects your emotional or physical well-being or quality of life should be treated as important.


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