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Services for Hypnotherapists

Are you prepared to put up your hand and ask for help, advice and general mentoring?


Do you want to get ahead of all those who think they know it all?


Do you want to benefit from over 37 years of in-practice experience and years of corporate and NHS work experience?


If you said YES to any of the above - then please ask!


I offer mentoring services to hypnotherapists.


Practice/therapist development coaching. 


One to One IBS training 

Services to new hypnotherapists

- Mentoring / Practice Development

Are you a new practitioner wanting to learn more after your training?

Are you looking for new ways to attract clients, increase revenue streams, have questions? feel like you are only just beginning to learn now you are in "the real world"? 


Just contact me, and let's talk! 




- Masterclass Events


- Masterclass Workshops - Group or 1-to- 1

- Including IBS, Stress in the NHS / Companies, Working with cancer patients.



Want to know more? Want to be notified when workshops are announced? Just let me know! 




Hypnotherapy Training College or School?

- Masterclass workshops can be brought to your training school or college - ask for details. 


Based in North Yorkshire, England - working worldwide!


One to One sessions are  available. Locally and Internationally, 

using Zoom or WhatsApp



MP3 Downloads and streamed Programs available here 24/7


See the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100


Chronic Stress and the immune system read blog



Living with IBS, Anxiety, Stress, OA, Burnout, Cancer Recovery, Insomnia, Confidence and Self-Esteem issues? 



Program Deal One - Buy One, get One Half-Price 


Use code: Special50  at check-out.



Get yours today!



See my DISCOUNTED home use health programs here.





Helping 26 years! 2018- 2024)

Contact me today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment please use the link below


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