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Thank you for taking the time to look at this page and hopefully the rest of this site.  My intention is for this website to be easy to understand and navigate.


As you have come to a hypnotherapy site, I expect you know about hypnotherapy, and what it is and is not. 


There is no hard sell here, this is not a funnel site, going on and on as many do. Rather this site is an informational site, making it easy for you to make an informed choice. 


The first step - The Initial Consultation 


Before we work together, the first step is the initial consultation. This is not a hypnotherapy session. This time provides us with the opportunity to discuss your presenting problem(s), your history, the medication used etc, so I can gain a full understanding of what your requirements are.


Also, you can ask as many questions as you need to ask. I will explain hypnotherapy and the mind-body connection to you. I will ask you questions and be able to tell you how sessions should be expected to proceed and structured.


If I don’t think I can help you for whatever reason, this is the time I will tell you. It is rare but it happens at times, and honesty is the best policy.


At this meeting you are not expected to make any decision to proceed, all you need is to simply think about what we have discussed, and after careful thought, if you want to go ahead, give me a call or send an email and we can make the appointment to get things moving.


The initial consultation is approx. 50-60 minutes and is costed at £75.00 a very competitive price to receive 30+ years experience and knowledge!

In fact, all my services are currently costed the same. Unlike many other (often less experienced) therapists who have a “Menu of Charges” I believe all problems which affect the quality of life of the individual are important.


Why put more value on stopping smoking, than dealing with anxiety or grief or stress management?


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Based in North Yorkshire - working worldwide!

After working in Warrington, Cheshire for 31 years. I now have settled in North Yorkshire, England.


Warrington clients still very welcome!


One to One sessions are  available. Locally and Internationally, 

using WhatsApp



Downloads and streaming services available 24/7



Chronic Stress and the immune system read blog



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