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WhatsApp Sessions


Now Available.


This service brings a cost-effective and quick option for those individuals wanting one to one sessions.


This brings over 35 years of practice experience to your living room!


No matter whether you are in London or Lisbon, New York or New Zealand the service is available to you. 


Outside the UK, we might have to tweak meeting times due to time zone differences but everything is doable. 


The service is easy to use. No travelling, rush or inconvenience.


Click here for more information and a personal history form for completion.


If you have IBS - Please also click here for the Symptoms assessment form








Based in North Yorkshire - working worldwide!




One to One sessions are  available. Locally and Internationally, 

using WhatsApp



Downloads and streaming services available 24/7



Chronic Stress and the immune system read blog



Living with IBS, Anxiety, Stress, OA, Burnout, Cancer Recovery, Insomnia, Confidence and Self-Esteem issues? 


See my DISCOUNTED home use programs here.



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